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Road Blocks,

Part of the Of the Earth Series, Road Blocks are a desk top or coffee table curiosity.  Currently available in sets of six blocks includes one holding tray and six vehicles.  The blocks are moveable and interchangeable into any road configuration you can imagine add more blocks and possibilities are limitless.  Magnets mimic gravity to keep the vehicles stuck to the roads, but they can be easily repositioned with the force of your fingers.  See more...

Desk Parks

Part of the Of the Earth Series.  Pencil holders, paper clip holders take on the appearance of a small section of a public park benches or on lookers.  The play with scale transforms everyday objects into public art in these tiny worlds.  A pencil or paper clip become a oversized sculpture in the manner of Claus Oldenburg.  In the road hazards edition, a hole in the road becomes a convenient place to keep a pencil. See more...

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