Pizza Factory: 100 slices

Garth Borovicka Designer, Artist, Etc


Edition of 100 slices

Plywood, PVC, Epoxy Paint, urethane foam, enamel paint.

100 Slices is a conceptual work about the act of creating.  I explored the process of working as a means to an end.  In this instance, slinging plywood pizza for dough to buy an edible slice of pizza.  It is a work about working.  This work was influenced by manufacturing footage and the documentary series How Its Made.  In these programs the act of production appears as a choreographed event with artistic merit of its own.  When making the this work I documented my process, creating a time lapse video reminiscent of documentary or surveillance footage.  I see the process of creating as important as the finished product.  Working as an artist or craftsman means transforming common material into something unusual.  In this project all of the materials are common building materials from local hardware stores.  These materials could have been used to build a house; I used them to build pizza.  For the soundtrack I combined ambient sounds and music from the original footage with new music by Ian Barnard of C Batteries.                                                                                                                     

© Garth Borovicka 2013